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The Association La Venta is a research group that organizes and runs various geographical exploration projects with particular attention to the underground world. Such projects are carried out using a multi-disciplinary approach, developing new ideas and using new research and dissemination strategies.
To achieve this goal, La Venta uses human resources and techniques acquired over twenty years of research carried out in extraordinary environments such as rain forests, depths of glaciers, remote mountains and endless underground labyrinths.


Unearthing the secrets of evolution through cave exploration - Article by Cesco on the prestigious The Guardian

Francesco SauroItalian explorer Francesco Sauro describes the importance of underground investigation.

Every year hundreds of kilometres of caverns below the Earth’s surface are explored, with new discoveries in the underground world offering insights into the evolution of life.

The thirst for geographic exploration, which drove intrepid voyagers like Charles Darwin and Alexander von Humboldt in the 18th century, now appears meaningless in the world of Google Earth, as satellites have surveyed every single square-metre of our planet’s surface...

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Meanders of ice

igcc_06Sunday were identified several meanders both upstream and downstream of the camp.

The day had as main purpose to study the potential of the Gorner cryo-karstic in 2014 that looks pretty interesting despite the summer season rather unusual for temperatures and precipitation.

Have been identified at least 4 sub-glacial cavity (meanders with little deepening) and spite of the strong fusion during the central hours of the day, were explored for several hundred meters.

Yesterday (very early) 4 different groups explored and surveied these cavities.

My impression and that of the veterans of the explorations of this glacier is that there is a strong reduction of the cryo-karstic phenomenon and a decrease in the size of the cavities perhaps due to a greater surface fracturing and for the expansion of the debris morainic masses that intercept a large portion of the fusion waters.

In the House of the Gods - Support a documentary film about the mysterious caves of the Tepuis Lost World

La Casa degli DeiAncient caves, billion-year-old secrets
Caves are among the last uncharted places on Earth. The caves of the tepuis — the tabletop mountains on the border of Venezuela and Brazil — have been isolated for hundreds of millions of years. Exploring these caves is like stepping back in time to discover clues about Earth’s deep past.
Since 2009, La Venta Geographic Exploration team has led five expeditions into the tepui massifs. We discovered tens of kilometers of underground passages, carved in quartz, hiding mysterious forms of life, new minerals for science, and incredible landscapes. Because of these efforts, local indigenous “Pemon” communities consider these caves the House of the Gods: sacred places where living creatures and crystals are fused in a unique organism.