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The Association La Venta is a research group that organizes and runs various geographical exploration projects with particular attention to the underground world. Such projects are carried out using a multi-disciplinary approach, developing new ideas and using new research and dissemination strategies.
To achieve this goal, La Venta uses human resources and techniques acquired over twenty years of research carried out in extraordinary environments such as rain forests, depths of glaciers, remote mountains and endless underground labyrinths.


The return from the Amazonas begins

Foto archivio La VentaThe group took advantage of a couple of days left to go to President Figueiredo and see some caves in quartzites in a beautiful park just two hours from Manaus.

Just arrived back in Italy topographies of the explored caves on the Araca will be made and photo and video material (mostly made with a drone by Martino Frova) organized. We begin to send some short clips of the main phases of the expedition (in this one which the fluvial approaching).

Also this year La Venta will be at the Adventure Outdoor Fest

Adventure outdoor festivalAdventure Outdoor Fest, July 22 to 26, San Candido Innichen (BZ). The most accredited Italian event dedicated to sports in the nature, exploration, adventure and its protagonists, dedicated to all those who love the thrill and challenge with themselves.
A fast-paced festival that focuses on his format the passion for discovery and the desire to go beyond the limit physically and mentally, told through the stories of the athletes and guests, live performances, film, photography.
A great celebration of outdoor world that will give everyone the opportunity to meet great athletes and large enterprises, to prove himself and to live a unique experience in the heart of the Dolomites.

A new cave on the Aracà

Foto archivio LA VENTAIt is almost a week that the La Venta team and speleologists of Bambui group are on top of the Aracà massif and finally have arrived news updates via Intermatica satellite phone. The journey up to there was really challenging, but they have managed to install a base camp not far from the Cachoeira de Eldorado. From there they began their inspection of the plateau, going also to the Abyss Guy Collet.