La partenza della via di discesaThe next day, began the works of enlargement of the threshold of the cave as well as the eradication of the roots that have invaded in recent years. Ultimately we have with heavy equipment to make easier the water flow hoping that in time the cave can regain its flow regime that made so spectacular its travertine formations in the shape of fronds of fir tree. However, there are many factors that go to affect that flow regime, including climate change with the reduction of annual precipitation and the birth of new villages in the hinterland that use water and the practice of deforestation. L'ingresso nella cuevaThe second way to reach the cave, what looked like a comfortable terrace, was instead a very small ledge and difficult to be fitted for the low resistance of the rock. Is still a way to complete to allow to keep clean the threshold of the cave in the coming years without having to descend from above. A work that us expect shortly. However, we hope that our effort has shortly a positive effect on this important symbol for the Sumidero Canyon and for the tourism industry of Chiapas. L'ultimo tratto a ridosso dell'ArbolNow that we past the itching and the burns are almost healed we enjoy our well-earned rest and wish you happy holidays from under the Arbol de Navidad. Alessio Romeo

Have participated: Alessio Romeo, Alicia Davila, Angel Marroquin, Armando Encina Burguete, Balan Posada Cartagena, Carla Corongiu, Carlos Herrera Tapia, Carlos Macotela Martinez, David Gomez Trinidad, Enzo Procopio, Gaetano Boldrini, Gilbert Salinas Pérez, Kaleb Zarate, Leonardo Colavita, Luca Imperio, Luis Adrian Zenteno Estrada, Luis Davila, Mauricio Nafate Lopez, Omar Nafate Lopez, Oscar Sánchez Morales, Sofia Landaverde Ramos, Stefano Calabrò, Tono De Vivo, Tullio Bernabei, Vittorio Crobu. We thank those who helped us: Amphibious, Chelab, De Walt, Dolomite, Ferrino, Filoni, Hennessy Hammock, Intermatica, Lyo, Montura, Raumer, SAE, Scurion, Tecnosoluzioni.

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