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The Association La Venta is a research group that organizes and runs various geographical exploration projects with particular attention to the underground world. Such projects are carried out using a multi-disciplinary approach, developing new ideas and using new research and dissemination strategies.
To achieve this goal, La Venta uses human resources and techniques acquired over twenty years of research carried out in extraordinary environments such as rain forests, depths of glaciers, remote mountains and endless underground labyrinths.

Verso l'Árbol
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Il teamDa ieri, martedi 2, siamo nel canyon, in un gran bel posto panoranico: utilizziamo le strutture del Parco Turistico Amiku, chiuso al pubblico da un paio d'anni. Siamo attendati in un anfiteatro affacciato su un ampio slargo del fiume, immersi nella vegetazione. Le luci dell'alba e del tramonto, straordinarie, accendono il verde di valli e pareti verticali. Non c'è energia elettrica ma abbiamo l'acqua di un bel ruscello, due barche a disposizione e molto da fare.

Siamo circa 25 persone, cui ogni giorno si aggiungono una decina di locali che ci aiutano in vari modi... da oggi abbiamo anche tre poliziotti in divisa che si occupano della nostra sicurezza (!).

Arbol de Navidad: saving a symbol

La parete dell'Arbol. Notare la barca con i turisti alla base!In the heart of the Sumidero Canyon, Chiapas, Mexico, a waterfall plunges 200 meters high. Its waters, which come from a cave in the wall, over time have deposited a large amount of calcium carbonate and created a geological structure that has the shape of a giant Christmas tree: el Arbol de Navidad.
A spectacle of nature considered a symbol of the National Park of Sumidero and of the entire state of Chiapas: a natural monument unique in the world, visited every year by hundreds of thousands of tourists.
In recent years, the flow of water that feeds the great waterfall, and flows out from a cave, has gradually decreased: in rainy periods the water still comes out, although in smaller quantities, but in other seasons the flow is minimal, until reduced to zero.
Apart from the obvious damage to tourism, the entire ecosystem is at risk, plant and animal that lives on the Arbol thanks to his constant moisture.

Finished the International Glacier Caving Camp

igcc_07The camp ended October 27. And all the equipment returned yesterday.

46 people took part mainly of three European countries (Italy, France and England).

We now have a fairly comprehensive idea of the enormous cryo-karstic potential of the Gorner.
Were descended more than 20 caves in ice, all carefully surveied and photographed.