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The Association La Venta is a research group that organizes and runs various geographical exploration projects with particular attention to the underground world. Such projects are carried out using a multi-disciplinary approach, developing new ideas and using new research and dissemination strategies.
To achieve this goal, La Venta uses human resources and techniques acquired over twenty years of research carried out in extraordinary environments such as rain forests, depths of glaciers, remote mountains and endless underground labyrinths.

Flying over prehistoric worlds

Profonde griete2600 km of flight between the basin of the Caronì and of the Upper Orinoco, 25 hours among the clouds, spotting mountains like islands in a sea of trees. 18 takeoffs and landings on clay strips and blooming lawns. 2978 photographs of valleys, walls, waterfalls, grietas and huge entrances of unexplored caves.
These are just some of the figures that have characterized the "Amazonas Tepui" survey, ending these days in Venezuela. A journey that has clarified the potential of massifs that until now we have only dreamed about, and that now have become a real landscape, even beyond the expectations of our dreams.
We have begun this journey taking off from Puerto Ayacucho, the last town bordering the Upper Orinoco. Flying over granite mountains and boundless forests, we have landed in La Culebra valley, a heavenly place surrounded by one of the largest massifs in the Amazonian quartzites: Duida to the south (2358 m high, 131 km2 of plateau), Marahuaca to the east (2832 m high, 131 km2 of top surface) and the smaller but elegant Huachamacari to the north (1900 m high, 8 km of top surface).

The activities and knowledge of La Venta on Le Scienze and Plein Air

lescienzepleinairIs a moment of outputs on widely read magazines for La Venta.

On Le scienze on sale (italian edition of the prestigious Scientific American) a wonderful interview for the signing of Claudia Di Giorgio to Francesco Sauro focused primarily on the research activities related to explorations in the Tepui and more generally in the quarzite rocks. There are still many discoveries awaiting us in these places isolated from the rest of the world by tens of millions of years.

In the next Plen Air (March), however, there will be a report of the activities at the Arbol de Navidad in Chiapas (Mexico). Has attracted a lot of interest the fact that we have taken the task to protect and save this natural monument. In this case there is also a preview of the website:

The descent to the Arbol

Scendendo sugli attacchi Raumer

On December 3, in the early afternoon, after reaching the field in the top area (about 3 hours walking) we started the descent towards the Arbol de Navidad and the Grijalva River. It took about 4 hours to overcome a height difference of only 90 mt because of the work of securing the wall.

The day 4 we arrived to overcome a height difference of other 150 m. About 8 hours of work due to the long sections leaning full of vegetation prickly and stinging and the huge stones to throw down for our safety.